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DIMELESS - ...and Anxiety for All

(live at Trafostation 61-Festival 2014)

DIMELESS - Harvest Season

(live at Trafostation 61-Festival 2014)

End of April Dimeless will enter Thilo Kriegers "Desert-Inn"-Studio (Lay Down Rotten, Milking the Goatmachine uva) to record their new album for worldwide release in July 2014 via Noiseheadrecords.



Dimeless were signed by Noisheadrecords (Austria) and will release their second album in summer 2014 worldwide. Dimeless, who arrested attention by several labels with their first demo-songs of forthcoming album released in summer 2014 made their decision for Noiseheadrecords with a big smile on their faces: "We have a masterplan that has been welcomed by the Noisehead-Team after our first contact and they brought in their own great ideas very fast and we liked it. We will work together perfect! Now we are looking forward happily to a very exciting year 2014 with a lot to come. It's great to be well supported by a experienced and well-respected worldwide operating label."


Minotauro joins the metal-breakfast-family. We do booking for the 

symphonic-metal-warriors who got great reviews worldwide for their 

album "Master of the sea".

German legend Squealer returns 2014 to celebrate their 30th anniversary 

with a special set including early songs that weren't heard for many years.

Watch out for news and gigs to come!